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Academic Student Disclaimer

Academic Specialty


Lash Studio 214 Beauty & Training Academy LLC is a Texas Cosmetology School dedicated to eyelash education ONLY.


Licensing & State Fines


Upon graduation, the students are trained under a qualified staff to develop, support and maintain their craft. To practice as a lash professional, the student must pass the state of Texas licensing exam to become a licensed lash professional. Enrolling in these courses does not qualify the student to practice lash applications outside of school without supervision. If the student chooses to do so, they are doing so with our explicit permission and may face any state inflicted fines solely.


Student Conduct


All services that are performed by students is under the supervision of qualified staff. While being serviced by a student, the staff will provide demonstrations and will verbal directions to the student with the student. The student is required to heed our advice and be respectful and courteous to all academic professionals and campus guests. If the student, under any circumstances, becomes vagrant, aggressive, or unjustly and continually interrupts the academic lesson, this could be grounds for enrollment termination. If during any time this conduct agreement is violated, the student will be reprimanded immediately.

Students are required to be respectful and courteous to one another at all times. Physical violence, verbal or emotional abuse will not be tolerated on campus. Each student deserves kindness and patience while in classroom attendance. Any drama or childish antics must be left outside of school, as we do not make room for unruly altercations within our academic institution.


Training Services & Refunds (Student Clients Only)


On hands training services are paid for and performed in the training room/lab area. The school does not issue refunds for services provided.

You are the key to the education of our students. They have been trained on professionalism and to perform quality. Please let us know how we are doing by completing a short survey at the end of your session. With you as a guest, training wouldn’t be possible.

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