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Student FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most common questions students have. This is a trusted source for valid information regarding state licensing, enrollment and our schools programs. For more information regarding student conduct, enrollment terms, and expected student behavior please review Our Academic Disclaimer.

State License Requirements

* Professional status is granted by the state to legally practice lash extension installation.

*The Eyelash Extension Specialty Course was developed for individuals, that are not licensed professionals, desiring a career in the lashing ONLY. 

* A set of standards and practices must be completed per professional state guidelines & industry standards.

* Proficiency must be demonstrated by passing one or several tests set forth by state authority.

* Depending on the state, the number of hours need to complete education ranges from 320 to 2400 hours. 

*Every state EXCEPT for Connecticut requires anyone who performs eyelash extension services to be a licensed professional, usually a cosmetologist or esthetician.  Texas is one of only two states that developed licensure programs for lash technicians ONLY.


* Certification is voluntary and provided by an instructor

* Time necessary to complete certification course varies, certification can be completed in as little as 8 hours

* Certifications & trainings are only recommended for currently licensed professionals (licensed lash techs, cosmetologists, esthetics etc.) 

* Certification does NOT mean the individual is licensed. It means they have been trained in lashing and CANNOT charge anyone for a service. Complimentary tips are allowed.

How soon can I start my lash career after passing the state exam?

Upon passing the state exam and receiving your license, you may start practicing immediately.


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